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Pixelcom was an integral part of Franchise Grade's early startup phase. We developed their first prototype and proof-of-concept website, laying the groundwork for the successful launch of their phase one website. Our involvement was key to Franchise Grade's early success, and we're proud to have been a part of the company's journey.

In fact, both Rob and David joined Franchise Grade full time for a few years, effectively becoming the internal creative and digital marketing agency. We contributed to the development of their business and marketing strategies, and building, designing and managing all properties, products and assets, including continuously optimizing the lead-generation website.

Our efforts helped Franchise Grade drive real business growth, with a common-sense marketing approach that delivered dramatic results. Within the first year of joining, we substantially increased organic website traffic, redesigned the user experience for greater engagement, and increased unlock conversions from about 35 per month to almost 1,000 per month — a staggering 28-fold increase!

Lead Generation Impact - First Year
White Papers
Sales Sheets
Franchise Grade Sales Sheets
Franchise Grade Infographics
Co-Branding Redesign
Franchise Grade Co-Branding Redesign
Landing Pages, Emails, Slide Decks, Badges, Style Guides, and more

Franchise Grade Website Design & Development

Pixelcom developed the first Franchise Grade website and grew it from there. It allows potential franchise investors to access free, relevant information, compare multiple franchise systems, and receive a grade based on key performance indicators from the franchise's disclosure documents (FDDs). With this comprehensive and user-friendly platform, investors can make an informed decision about which franchise is right for them.

Both Rob and David played critical roles in the development and success of this site, with Rob also taking on the role of product owner, and David managing/directing content creation and marketing communications.

Franchise Grade Website Home Page.

Franchise Grade Intelligence Platform

The Franchise Intelligence Platform is a powerful B2B SaaS product that helps franchise brokers, franchise advisors and franchisors to analyze, filter, manipulate, and track multi-year franchise data. It's the single-most prominent source for accurate franchise data in the USA. Franchisors can also use the platform as a CRM to track and report on leads coming from the Franchise Grade website. Rob played an essential role in the creation and growth of this platform, taking on the role of product owner until leaving Franchise Grade.

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